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ICON’s fractional laser is incredible non-ablative option to treat wrinkles, scars & stretch marks with no downtime.  The treatment stimulates collagen & elastin to leave your skin fresh and rejuvenated with no surface damage.

• “Fractional” means that the laser is divided into multiple treatment zones

• “Non-ablative” means that the surface skin/tissue is not removed

• Redness & swelling may occur post-treatment & last up to a few days

• Little to no peeling will occur

• It may take up to 12 weeks to see full results

• For wrinkles & tightening, at least 3 treatments are recommended

• For scarring & stretch marks, 6 or more treatments may be needed


Why choose the 1540?  Traditional fractional lasers are ablative.  Peeling, scabbing & crusting are just some of the side effects.  The ICON 1540 gives you the same results over time, without any of the negative after effects.



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